Why Us

Medical Billing Made Efficient

Blatt Medical Billing Service Inc. aims to provide a cost-efficient billing system where you can maximize reimbursements and have more time to focus on your practice. We utilize our experience to improve the profitability of your practice.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

Our medical billing services has proven to be efficient and cost-efficient for over 20 years in the industry. Here are the major benefits to outsourcing your billing with us:

Outsourcing frees you of the time and burden of billing and collections.

This allows you to focus on the treatment of your clients/patients, along with generating new business and increased profits.

By hiring us, you are able to reduce the need to train your staff or hire new staff to handle your practice’s billing. There is also no need to undergo idle hours for training and turnover periods since our experts will handle all of your billing concerns. From the paperwork, processing the claims, updating records, and contacting the insurance offices.

Your practice does not need to investment in software, hardware, or training your staff to create an efficient billing system for your practice. We provide complimentary access to our practice management software. With this, we are able to track patient and insurance balances and follow up with phone calls and statements for proper payment.

Work with the Professionals

Blatt Medical Billing Service Inc. is committed to handling all your billing needs to reduce your stress and increase your profit. We hope to be able to assist you soon.